Let us plan your next trip!


Do you ever wish that someone could plan everything for you and all you have to do is just go and enjoy your vacation?

Well, now you can!

What’s more adventurous, exciting and spontaneous than letting someone book you a vacation but the destination is a total surprise!?

What?? Yeah…Your destination is a total surprise! Let Wanderland Escapes create a mystery trip for your next vacation.


How does that work?

You fill out our survey with important questions like, what’s your budget per person, travel dates, things you like/dislike, etc. Then, based on your answers and your budget we book you a trip!

A week before you depart, you’ll receive an email that contains important information regarding your trip, such as what to pack, the weather forecast, and what time to be at the airport. However, you still won’t know the destination just yet!


A few days before your trip you will receive an envelope in the mail.

Don’t give in to your curiosity and open it just yet! This envelope contains the reveal of your destination that we encourage you to wait and open it on the day you leave!

Along with the reveal, it will include all your confirmation numbers, directions to your hotel, a personalized city guide, and a list of recommendations for restaurants and things to do.

We promise you’ll have plenty of things to check out while you’re there. Just don’t spoil the surprise and wait to open it on the day you leave!

Not sure you’re ready for an unknown adventure?


We understand that the mystery part can be scary, or just not an interest for some.

We have been doing traditional travel arrangements for a while and can still do that for you if you already have a destination in mind.

Even if you don’t know where you want to go, we can still work with you to find you the perfect vacation you’re looking for.

We specialize in Hawaii vacations and know the islands VERY well as the founder of Wanderland Escapes used to live on Oahu and Maui. We are confident that we can pick the perfect itinerary for you on one of the amazing Hawaiian islands. We can even do a partial mystery trip for that as well! You pick the island and we can plan the rest!

If Hawaii isn’t your thing, we also specialize in Mexico vacations. We LOVE Mexico and also know the area pretty well.

We are also not limited to the USA and Mexico. We have a lot of traveling under our belt as well as research and travel seminars and training. We love what we do and we are confident that we can help you plan out a vacation you will absolutely love no matter where in the world you want to go.


More Questions? Take a look at our FAQ page.

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