About Us


My name is Rebecca and I’m the founder of Wanderland Escapes. I have a passion for travel, adventure and discovering new and interesting places.

I love immersing myself in another culture and learning about people all over the world. I also love trying new and interesting foods and activities even when I’m not traveling.

I am currently residing in Portland, Oregon where the food selections are plentiful, and where I can enjoy the most beautiful roses every spring.

One of my favorite places that I have ever lived was Hawaii. The blend of cultures, the wonderful weather, and the friendly people made it an amazing place to call home. I was fortunate enough to call Hawaii home where many just dream of going there. It definitely changed my life, and I hope someday I can move back.

I have traveled all over and I feel like I still have too many places on my bucket list. I would love to help you check off your bucket list items and make your next vacation amazing for you.

How it got started…

A passion for travel and new experiences is exactly how the whole idea of Wanderland Escapes was born. There have been so many times I just wanted to go somewhere and honestly, I didn’t care where I went.

I had X amount of dollars and X amount of days off, and I just wanted to go and explore something new. Something out of the ordinary. Something that wasn’t hard to get to if I only had a few days, as well as something I could do on a budget. Who doesn’t like saving money?

I craved a new experience with travel, and honestly, I just wanted someone else to do all of the research and planning. Then, I could just go and discover all the wonderful things this new place had to offer.

I also absolutely love feel good surprises. Who doesn’t love those?!? That is where mystery trips became just an idea and into a reality! While I love specializing in Hawaii, Mexico and other destinations, I thought that by adding a new twist to travel in our services for the truly adventurous would bring a whole new dimension and experience to traveling. This way we can offer a little bit of everything for everyone.

The Philosophy…

I believe that experiences is what makes life amazing. Experiences also make the best memories and the best stories that get told over and over. The same stories that encourage others to dive into the same experiences for themselves. How often have you heard a story from a friend or family member about a place they traveled to and then suddenly you wanted to go experience it too?! That’s what we mean.

Whether it’s your first time at a castle in Europe, catching your first wave in Waikiki or having your taste buds explode over an incredible meal, it’s the experience of it all that you remember and share with others.

It’s ultimately what makes you smile and makes life worth living. I want to bring that childlike excitement, that feeling of wonder and discovery back into people’s lives through travel.

Interested in being a part of Wanderland Escapes?

We currently don’t have any openings but things change all the time. Drop us a line anyway as we’d love to hear from you!