Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you charge fees?

The first question most people want to know is if we charge fees. For the most part No, we don’t. We don’t charge any fees if we are booking a travel package for you. How do we make our money you ask? As travel professionals we receive commissions from the final sale of the package for selling their products. Whether you booked your trip on a major booking site online or booked with us, someone is still getting paid those commissions from selling their products and/or services. So, in a nut shell that is how anyone in the travel industry gets paid.

However, there are times when we do have to charge fees for our time. This usually only happens when we are booking airfare only bookings, as we do not receive any commissions from the airlines. It’s a bummer they do that, but it’s the nature of the beast. We are more than happy to do these types of bookings for you. Just know that there will be a small service fee added to your final booking for air only bookings.

What is a Plan-To-Go-Deposit?

After your initial consultation and we have decided to work together, you will receive an invoice from our business account through paypal for the Plan-To-Go-Deposit of $100. Once you book with Wanderland Escapes your Plan-To-Go-Deposit will be applied to the final payment of the booking. Thus making it 100% refunded back to you.

Should you decide to not book through our services, and book elsewhere after receiving personalized itineraries and/or services, the Plan-To-Go-Deposit will become non-refundable and retained by Wanderland Escapes, LLC.

Clients ask why we do this, and it’s because the process of researching and putting together a customized proposal that matches your travel desires takes time. The Plan-To-Go-Deposit covers consultation, discussion during planning, travel ideas, a customized itinerary, booking and managing components of your travel itinerary even while you’re traveling.

Our time is valuable, just as we know yours is. If we do all of the research and planning for you, and you take all of that and book elsewhere, it not only is disappointing that we were taken advantage of, but it covers our time and effort we have put into it if you bail on us.

However, we do understand that family emergencies arise, and life happens. If this is the case, just talk to us. We will work with you. We can always hold onto it for a future vacation with you if you need to postpone, or refund it in the case of an emergency.

What if I Find Something Cheaper?

We understand that a lot of clients do some checking of prices and may continue to do so as we prepare your quotes. However, there are a LOT of “shiny, red objects” out there and it’s easy to get sucked in.

Please, do us a favor. If you find a better price, bring it to us and let us check it out. This way we can take look into the details, tell you if it’s the exact same options, and assess if it is a true apples-to-apples comparison. If it is, give us the opportunity to price match. 99% of the time we can do just that!

Can I use my frequent flyer miles or hotel rewards?

Unfortunately not.  We can however enter your loyalty numbers into your reservation before you travel. But if you want to use your points or rewards to pay for the hotel for example, you have to book those yourself.

What if I need to cancel?

We understand that life can throw us a curve ball. We will do the best we can to accommodate you if life events force you to have to cancel or reschedule.

As most travelers know, many airlines and hotels do not refund, nor are we able to refund any cancellation fees if this happens. We suggest getting travel insurance for this very reason. We can discuss insurance options and pricing during your booking.

Is my credit card payment/information secure?

Yes! We use a secure processing system that encrypts each card payment and we don’t store your credit card information. Therefore, if you ask to book another trip with us, we can’t pull up your previous payment and would have to get your information new every time.

Can we pay with separate credit cards?

Yes! If you have multiple people on one itinerary, or need to use different credit cards for different amounts, we can accommodate separate credit card payments.


Where are you sending me?

That’s a really good question! However, we’re not going to tell you! Not until the day you depart at least. If we did, it would ruin the whole surprise and excitement of a mystery trip!

What if I don’t want to go where you’re sending me?

Everything is based on your answers to the survey. We are confident, based on your answers, we will be able to create the perfect itinerary for you.

The more thorough you fill out the survey (your likes, dislikes, what activities you enjoy, where you have been before, etc.) the more we have to work with to create an awesome trip for you!

We have done a ton of research, as well as having a lot of personal experience to know what every city we send our customers to has to offer.

When will I find out where I’m going?

If we are planning a Mystery Trip for you, we will mail you a package about a week before your departure date. You will then receive it about 3-4 days before your trip.  That package includes a  personalized travel guide for things to do and see, airline confirmation numbers, hotel information, and of course a page that tells you your destination! It’s entirely up to you if you can wait the few days or not open it. We ask that you don’t open it until the day you are leaving so it doesn’t spoil the surprise!

How will I know what to pack?

About a week before the departure date of your trip, we’ll email you with important information for your trip. Such as what the weather should be like, if you need to dress for cold or hot weather, or if there are any specific items you should bring such as a swimsuit or hiking boots.

If you’re flying, we always include what time to be at the airport so you don’t miss your flight!

What happens if I don’t receive the destination package?

We like to stay on top of communication with our customers as much as possible. However, sometimes the mail or mother nature has other plans. If you haven’t received your destination package at least one day before your departure date, please give us a shout. We will then email you everything you need to know so you don’t miss anything!

How much will a trip cost?

That is entirely up to you! You pick your budget and we will create a customized trip that’s within your selected budget.

Just be realistic with your budget and the amount of people it needs to serve. If you only have a $1,000 budget for two people and want to travel internationally, it’s not going to happen.

Basically, your budget determines your destination, how you get there and where you’ll stay.  Keep in mind that traveling on major holidays will cost extra, and traveling in off seasons will get you the most bang for your buck!

We want travel to be an option for every budget, so we’ll do the best we can to make it happen for you!

What will my budget cover?

Our services will include:

  • Transportation
    • such as airfare or train fare. Unless you booked a road trip itinerary, then you are responsible for driving your own vehicle.
  • Hotel
    • We will book you a hotel, bed and breakfast, etc. based on your preferences in your survey. Keep in mind that all accommodations we book with are non-smoking rooms.
  • Activities
    • Sometimes if you have extra leftover in your budget we will book you tickets to a show, sporting event, etc. to enjoy while you’re at your destination. This too is all based on your survey answers.
  • We do NOT cover gas for your car for road trip or for rental cars, food, or transportation to and from the airport. Please be sure to create your own budget to cover these items, since your initial budget with us does not cover these things.

Can I use my frequent flyer miles or hotel rewards?

Unfortunately not. If we did this, then you could log into your account, or receive emails about your upcoming trip and it would spoil all the fun! The good news is that most places allow you to add  your loyalty numbers when you arrive and after your trip, so you will still be able to get the points from them at that time.

Can you plan a trip with kids?

Yes! Please include them, along with their likes and dislikes in the survey. Knowing about your kids can help us make sure to add some fun things for them to do also. Keep in mind if your child is under 2 years old, they travel free! Unless you want them to have their own seat on the plane. Just let us know in the survey.

Can we pay with separate credit cards?

Yes! We can accommodate separate credit card payments. Just be sure to let us know in the survey.

Can you book a group of friends coming from different destinations?

Yes, we can! If you have a large group, please email us so we can send out the survey to everyone individually to cater to everyone’s enjoyment. Also, if everyone is paying separately this helps keep things organized. Don’t hesitate to contact us with group bookings.

Are there any fees?

How do we make money you ask? We take a small service fee off the top of your budget. The vast majority of your budget does go towards your trip, so don’t worry. Also, if your trip plus our fee ends up being lower than your budget price, you won’t be charged the full budget amount!

Do you have a question we didn’t answer?

We would be more than happy to answer any other question you have. Simply go to our contact form to let us know.