Hawaii Tours & Activities

Here you can book your own tours, luau’s and activities at your leisure. You can either book them while you’re in the planning stages of your trip, or while you are already in the islands. This makes it easy for our clients to be more spontaneous while on their trips to Hawaii and be able to plan as they go. This also helps you be able to view all of the inclusions, pricing, reviews and other details that might be important to you when it’s convenient for you.

We have hand picked these activities specifically because we know they are of good quality. If you have any questions about any of these tours, or would like us to book them for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Each activity is listed in sections below according to what island they are located on. Be sure to purchase the activities according to the island you are visiting. Just click on the links and follow the instructions for booking.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to read all of the instructions after booking your activity to ensure that you do not miss a step with confirming your reservations. Wanderland Escapes is not responsible for your self bookings if you do not follow the instructions properly. If in doubt, give us a shout before booking and we’ll gladly help you.

OAHU – Tours & Activities

MAUI – Tours & Activities

KAUAI – Tours & Activities

BIG ISLAND – Tours & Activities