Welcome to the Wander Blog!

Ok. I know! I know! It’s been months since I launched the website and am finally getting around to getting this blog thing up and running. Better late than never, right? What was I doing you ask? I was busy perfecting the business and helping get many wonderful clients onto their next vacations! Starting a new business is a lot of work! However, it’s work that I have thoroughly enjoyed every step of the way. I’ve helped some really great people already, and the referrals have been wonderful. I can’t thank you all enough for the referrals and sharing the excitement of this new adventure I named Wanderland Escapes.

In case you’re wondering, what kind of travel do I sell? Well, I can sell you travel to pretty much anywhere in the world. You name it, we can definitely research it and book it. I’m fully licensed now through a host agency, so I have access to many tour operators, hotels, airfare, you name it. As with any type of travel sales, the best deals come when you package airfare and hotels together. Airfare alone, I can’t really get you a better deal than you can find online. Those airlines can be soooo rigid!

For those of you looking to book Hawaii vacations, you’re in luck. I used to live on 2 of the Hawaiian Islands and have been to all of them multiple times. I know the islands VERY well and I’m very confident that I can package a vacation for you that will suit your every need. The islands are all very different from each other, and if you’ve never been there you’d never know the difference. This is where I can come in to help you. I’m also a certified Hawaii destination specialist so you can also have confidence that not only do I know the islands well, but the Hawaii tourism board also says I know my stuff.

For those of you wanting to add a little more adventure and mystery to your travels, my other specialty is mystery trips. You tell me how much you want to spend, what dates, and I book you a trip. You’ll find out where you’re going the day you leave…or a few days before if you can’t wait to open the envelope. But what’s the fun in that!? The website’s FAQ section explains this in full detail if you’d like to know more.

I hope you will be excited to follow along with this blog, as well as our social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram. If you haven’t followed us yet, you can click those links right above to the right of your screen. You won’t be disappointed with some of the blogs and useful information about travel coming your way. We will also have some guest travel bloggers posting from time to time!

Thank you again for your support in this leap of doing what I love doing….TRAVEL! See you soon!