Thinking about Hawaii?


Rebecca is a certified Hawaii Destination Specialist with the Hawaii tourism board. After living in the islands for many years, Rebecca knows the islands VERY well having spent time on all of them.

Each of the islands are so different from each other, that you could easily have a different style of adventure on each island! Whether you want to just chill at the beach and relax, hike to a waterfall, or see an active volcano, you can be confident that Wanderland Escapes will know what island is the perfect fit for you. You’ll also benefit from her expertise and knowledge of all the best spots (and secret spots) that will help give you the local’s inside scoop that a typical tourist wouldn’t know about.

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Interested in Mexico?

Rebecca is very well versed with popular destinations in Mexico. The Yucatan Peninsula is her favorite!  Just like Hawaii, each area can be much different than the others, so let her expertise pick the perfect place for you to go. Mexico is great for family vacations!

Rebecca also has a personal contact in the Yucatan that does amazing Mayan ruins tours. She will set you up with him directly to make sure you have a quality and safe tour experience.

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Already know where you want to go?

Great! We love working with your ideas! You name the place and we can certainly help you make an idea a reality!

Even if you’re not 100% sure where you want to go, we can suggest places that may interest you. Sometimes we can even find places that fit into your budget that you wouldn’t have thought about or thought you could afford.

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The Mystery Trip

Are you the adventurous type? Wanting a new twist to travel? Ran out of ideas of where to go? Don’t have time or like to do all the research and planning? A mystery trip is definitely an adventure you’ll never forget! If this sounds like the perfect adventure for you, then look no further. We book you a trip based on your answers to your survey. You can also be in control of the level of mystery you want to go with too. You want to pick the place, but let us plan the rest? Perfect! We can do that! Want us to plan the entire thing as a surprise? We can do that too! What new place will you get to discover next?

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Mystery Road Trip

Are you interested in taking a trip, but would rather drive your own car? Don’t like to fly? Want to cruise across the country on your motorcycle? Want to rent a motor-home?

A mystery road trip is perfect for all of the above! Get started by clicking here:  Road trip!

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